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Your Kalari.DE in Munich

Kalari termed as the 'Mother of all martial arts is an ancient Indian practice system combining the 3 core human elements - body, mind, and spirit (Atma).

Developed in Southern India by ancient time yogis, it requires the practitioner to start the journey of challenging mind & body through intense exercises focusing on core strength and flexibility. Advanced practitioners explore defense techniques including weapon training and Ayurvedic healing.

Being an Indian tradition safeguarded within only warrior-clan families for centuries, today Kalari is rising in global popularity, thanks to a few open-minded practitioners (Gurus) in the past 100 years.

If you are willing to explore beyond the commonplace yoga sessions offered today, curious to dive deeper towards the core of Indian ancient practice systems, in Munich welcomes you!  

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About Me


My name is Hari and I hail from Trivandrum, a southern town in India. Having first stepped into a dojo at the age of five, the learning process is still far from over for me. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to learn different styles of Asian martial arts including winning national-level competitions in some sports. 

I had the opportunity to learn Kalari as a youngster directly from a widely known Gurukkal in Trivandrum, and this martial art has integrated into my very being. Today I endeavor to proudly share the tradition further with utmost humility and respect to all Gurus of the present and past.

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