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Who can be a Kalari practitioner? 

Essential qualities of a good learner are the right intention, an open mind, and perseverance. Anyone above the age of 9 years and with these mental qualities can be a good practitioner. 

Do you offer online sessions?

Currently no. As Kalari is a deep art form that requires mental presence, virtual settings are insufficient.

I have some physical conditions that need special care. Can I practice Kalari?

It has to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Kalari is an intense practice that requires a certain level of physical stability and strength. 


Do you operate only in Munich? 

I offer my knowledge only as a hobby and with the sole purpose of sharing this wonderful art form of my motherland. This means that I do have limitations. Currently, sessions are offered only in Munich, Germany.

How soon can I be a master in Kalari? When will I start to handle weapons? 

Traditionally, Kalari training starts with a stage called 'meypayattu' (Mey = physical body; Payattu = Exercise / Fight) that can prolong for a few years. Depending on the progress being achieved, one can enter the next stages of training - weapons and hand-fighting. 


Is there a certification program for Kalaripayattu?

Kalari, like all other Asian martial arts, is a very ancient practice when certifications were not so popular. In those days, there was no necessity to 'grade' oneself against a milestone or peers. The practice was sacred and for the self. Between the Guru and the student, everything was clear. I trust in this 'realization-based understanding more than anything a paper-based certification / color-based belt can offer. I fully trust in my Gurus and hope the same for anyone wanting to share the knowledge through me. 


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